Cleansing the Temple

In an interview with Total Politics, Archbishop Justin Welby stated that the Church of England is to try and compete pay day loan company Wonga ‘out of existence’ by establishing credit unions: “A plan for the church to develop credit unions [non-profit lenders] has been floated, with Welby proud that the church is “putting our money where our mouth is” in developing […]

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Vivé le Local Association

‘Party’ has become a dirty word. Their only hope is the return of strong local party branches. In a recent article on Labour Uncut, Ben Cobley describes how he spoiled his Labour-Euro election ballot in protest of what he terms institutionalised fixing. He argues through a process of electoral ‘zipping’ that favours sitting MEPs, cronyism […]

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Grating Expectations

How expectations – employers, institutions, parents and our own – are a graduate’s worst enemy yet best hope. In discussions about graduates I have heard a new maxim beginning to reiterate itself on the lips of older generations; ‘graduates aren’t ready for work’. The often critical tone in which it is voiced suggests the problem […]

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Student Daze

‘A Lesson to an Embattled Leader’ An example of an article from my ‘heady’ time writing for Leeds Student. The presidential election in France and Sarkozy’s electoral difficulties offer Cameron a stark warning for what he may face. The first round of the French presidential election has produced a remarkable mix of results. The centre-right incumbent Nicolas […]

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