A Rich Country

‘This shouldn’t be happening in the sixth-richest country in the world.’ You’ll see this cliche bandied around often. When used it’s trying to invoke a sense of duty through creating a sense of shame, that by us having this wealth as a country we should inherently share it more equitably around. It can be in […]

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Caffeine Revelations

I gave up caffeine and it’s depressing how much better I feel. I love coffee. I’m well aware that’s an utterly banal and uncontroversial expression of love to make given 90% of the world consumes caffeine. I’m in good company it would seem. I didn’t want to give up caffeine. I got a nasty infection […]

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Don’t Go To The Gym

This is it. The year where you finally get in shape. You’ve got those lovely new Gym Shark sweats, you’ve found that gym around the corner, the bank card is ready to sign up to that Direct Debit. You want to shift that extra weight you’ve been carrying, and you’ve signed up to that HIIT […]

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The Bar is Pretty Low

In the era of self-esteem, you somehow feel like hell most of the time but all you hear is the mantra of the day: ‘you’re doing great, hun’. The reality is that you probably aren’t, you feel some combination of bored, anxious or tired, you probably don’t know why, and deep down you know being […]

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How I Lose To the Internet

Scattered. No sense of focus. Persistent mind fog. The internet is winning. Another vacuous tweet I’ve barely given attention to before I’m onto the next. Just one more go on that pathetic block game or capital city memory game I’m playing. Forgettable videos I won’t recall watching in a week’s time. Thoughtless, idle scrolling and […]

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Question Buckaroo

A few years ago I went through a phase of playing a game I called ‘Question Buckaroo’. I imagine you’ll be familiar with the Hasbro namesake – a game where you take turns loading up a spring loaded donkey, until it eventually bucks up its front legs, kicking off the accumulated items.  My version was […]

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Have a Day Off

I’ve not been on social media over the past week. Took a break as part of that running battle we all have against those often annoying and occasionally horrifying Monday morning screen-time notifications. Reset boundaries, form good habits, all those present-day clichés. But this blog isn’t about my habits or me. This week we also, […]

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Shotgun 30s

There were always those guys at school who looked 45 at the age of 15. Those Rooney breed of boys who looked like they could grow a full beard before they’d even kissed a girl. The appearance of advanced years was particularly useful in getting drinks and into clubs underage, if less so for their […]

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