Disco has last laugh over the EDL demo

Published as a news item for The  Chamberlain Files. 

Brighton four-piece Let The Machines Do The Work and the English Disco Lovers teamed up to make the most of last month’s (other) EDL demonstration in Birmingham to produce a satirical picture of the protestors.

Let The Machines Do The Work debut video for single “Let Me Be The One“, likely the first of it’s kind to be shot at an EDL rally, follows an apparent EDL supporter and his two friends as they prepare for the protests by saluting Winston Churchill, draping themselves in a St Georges flag and drinking heavily.

In the confusion of the day the trio find themselves lost in the city centre and accidentally attend the English Disco Lovers counter protest. Overcome by the power of dance, the group joins in the demonstration on the steps of the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

As the trio “disco’s against discrimination”, their dancing is strongly contrasted with short clips of EDL violence and aggression. The video culminates with Nile Rodgers’ portrait being placed and saluted alongside that of Churchill’s.

The video already has the seal of approval from disco legend Nile Rodgers who tweeted:

@EngDiscoLovers The EDL video is awesome. We were cracking up.

— Nile Rodgers (@nilerodgers) August 13, 2013

The English Disco Lovers motto is Unus Mundas, Una Gens, Unus Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco) and their stated “aim to spoof the slogans and emblems of The English Defence League” in order to promote equality and respect through humour.

In contrast the English Defence League’s march resulted in 20 arrests, saw 1000 extra police brought into police the demo and is estimated to cost the city £1 million to police.

Let The Machines Do The Work: https://www.facebook.com/LetTheMachin…

English Disco Lovers:http://www.edl.me/about_edl.html

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